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percolate, or, lofi hip​-​hop brews to siesta​/​kill gods to

by the garages

empty stadiums waiting for players to wake up waiting for blaseball to come back a cup of coffee by my side I'm ready for the IBL to come alive the siesta's been good but the seasons are better I'm mourning for Parker ...he's not dead? whatever here's a solo empty stadiums waiting for players to wake up waiting for blaseball to come back a cup of coffee by my side I'm ready for the IBL to come alive the siesta's been good but the seasons are better still mourning for Parker
a flock hungry of birds gather in the outfield i guess a storm's coming in the stadium lights finally flickered out and i feel unstable the birds just keep staring they've found their prize they're mad at you, specifically you yeah, you know who you are do these birds have souls? well they've got more spirit than you anyway i hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world the birds are mad at you you specifically you know who you are
deep in the covers as the evening soaks the bright milky light of the full moon, a new moon, moon 2 pierces the caffeinated shadows. "this is a dream" you'd say, if you could ever feel the words but this is the city that never sleeps, that cannot sleep and then you smell it: burnt vanilla, ash, notes of [infinite] as if to say: "it's alright it's a beautiful night, and you're falling" every drive is a midnight drive, windows down to taste the rain, feel the chill, drink the air to remind yourself that we will make it the darkness isn't whole, it's full of holes every window light a local stain in the firmament, dollops that whisper: "they can try to stop this deluge but like hot water through grounds, we'll just pour right through"
offseason 03:37
Aw Nuts I 04:25
white flag 02:48
we might forfeit this game and forfeit next we might forfeit our peanuts and forfeit our bets we might forfeit our money and forfeit our time and forfeit our happiness just to get by we might forfeit our friendships or forfeit our team forfeit a good night’s sleep so we forfeit our dreams we might forfeit our love and forfeit our fame we forfeit so much to keep playing this game we raise a flat white flag that we hope you respect because we forfeit so much that we're all deep in debt and if we still can’t make it trying to beat all the odds but we’ll never forfeit our fight against the gods
Welcome to Internet League Blaseball's Coffee Cup Cafe. We're pleased to offer a variety of different beans to help energize or relax you, as well as a unique selection of pour-overs - and remember, every pour-over includes a free refill. The beans we have on selection today are: -a light city roast with hints of lavender -a cinnamon roast with big-bodied milk chocolate -an espresso roast with grass-fed butter -a light roast with delicate balance, flavor, and body -a full city roast with serious heat -a single origin roast with body and butterscotch toffee -a medium-dark roast with strong citrus notes -a second crack roast with candy-like sweetness -a half city roast with extra dimension -and, finally, a high roast with rich, velvety chocolate Today's pour-over offerings include: -a dark roast blending charcoal and cherry -a French roast blending bourbon barbecue and pungent lemon pepper -a light city roast blending fiery jerk paste and chai -a continental roast blending marinara and hazelnut -a double roast blending walnut and dirt -a single origin roast blending plum tomatoes and flowers -a medium roast blending aromatics and butterscotch toffee -a dark roast blending pungent lemon pepper and umami -an espresso roast blending lavender and grass-fed butter -a light roast blending blood and blood -and our final pour-over offering for today, a medium roast blending extra cheese and pumpkin We here at the Coffee Cup Cafe hope you're enjoying the ILB Coffee Cup, and that you're having a pleasant siesta. Take care, and please don't forget your free refill.
Aw Nuts II 04:12
Hey, you like coffee? Yeah, I like coffee 2. I get so wired When I get coffee with you. Who would have thought We’d have a chance to just chill. So now let’s stay here And have another refill. Hey, you like coffee? Yeah, I like coffee 2. I won’t get tired Of having another cup with you. I never thought
 We’d get this time for just us. So now let’s savor it And no one can interrupt us. Hey, you like coffee? Yeah, I like coffee 2. I get inspired When I can drink it with you. Who would believe We’d find the time to do this? So let’s get coffee And have a sip of bliss.
club de calf 02:29
Aw Nuts III 01:54
sourdough 03:00
Aw Nuts IV 03:02
tired 02:41
i've played 10 games already my skills is slowly, steadily worsening, minute by minute, second by second, and day by day the coffee rain is hitting me affecting me consistently all my actions are sluggish i can only give 50 percent it's time to play, but i can't get my limbs up i can't get anything done in this coffee cup i need some time to work things out, but i can't, cuz i'm tired my bat is moving slower today it feels like everything is getting in my way this was supposed to be relaxing, but i'm stressed i can barely put the effort in, to get dressed it's time to play, but i can't get my limbs up i can't get anything done in this coffee cup i need some time to work things out, but i can't, cuz i'm - it's time to play, but i can't get my limbs up i can't get anything done in this coffee cup i need some time to work things out, but i can't, cuz i'm tired cuz i'm tired cuz i'm tired.
Aw Nuts V 02:24
tractor bean 04:51
this player is being observed carefully...... the saucer descends! GM is caught in the tractor bean! GM is percolated!
bless this little coffee date i hope to them my soul RELATES i hope our love burns just as bright as tiana's flames that dark dark night derive the stars
farm de calf 02:45
coffee four? 01:44
coffee four, coffee four coffee four, coffee four what is it? what is it? what is it? what is it?
radio check, check spaceman, can you hear me? [beep beep] awesome, so uh, can I explain an idea we have for a chant for you real quick? it’s a bit of a logic train [beep!] okay, so...spaceman we’re assuming you're an extraterrestrial so step one: ET, like the movie what happens in the movie? the bike flies and it’s over the moon let’s hone in on the bike part the bike has a chain, right? what else has a chain? popular north american game show chain reaction so with that game show, which is great by the way, what else has reactions? the discord, we use reactions guess what else has a discord my little pony there’s a character named discord, or so i’m told and summers pony is on our team, are they not? therefore, the only logical follow-up is autumn also known as fall fall...guys like the video game fall guys and what other video game coincided in popularity at the same time? among us! what platform is among us sold on on pc? steam who made steam? valve valves are used in applications where there is some sort of flow, usually through a pipe now you wanna ask yourself, what else has a pipe? well, any self-respecting gentleman of the early 20th century and those guys? they were kinda not good what else wasn’t good? the ET video game! yep, this is going back there you gotta take the bike part back now remember how i said it was crossing the moon? the bike was crossing the moon and what was ET in? a basket! on the bike! and where do you take baskets? to a garden which garden? the olive garden therefore, we should chant “UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS” every time you take the mound I rest my case spaceman? are you still there? UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS nice unlimited breadsticks


released December 8, 2020

empty stadiums by apha (
affinity for crows by VigilantBaker (
malik destiny enjoys a soy latte by rain (
macchiato city nights by mother love blone (, with vocals by MQ (@QueenMucus)
offseason by VALKYRIE (
and they all just kept on playing by Sarah @fluteloops#3378 with production by June September (
electric kettle by VigilantBaker (
liquid friend by apha (
white flag by VigilantBaker (
taking a siesta by fizzabelle (@izzybutcool)
take a nap at the club de calf by June September (
ilb coffee shop au by oswin (@_quietbatpeople)
zero index interlude by yana (@VillainousGoo)
i like coffee 2 by raccoon fink (
morrow doyle hits a hole out of center left field written and performed by rosie drown (, produced by June September (
club de calf by fizzabelle (@izzybutcool)
[foghorn sound] by tegan eden (@TeganEden | )
ashes (coffee grounds mix) by VigilantBaker (, featuring riley, yana (@VillainousGoo), AMFSH, jennifer cat, em grace (@UndeniableEmG) and zack.ry (@zackleston, VigilantBaker, and INOM, originally by INOM.
but with my rollerskates in hand, i knew what my future held by rain (, with dialogue provided by knives (
lofi crispwave beats to sustainably farm salmon to by raccoon fink (, cyn and glumbaron (glumbaron#6398)
sourdough written and performed by rose (@somewhatrosy), produced by June September (
just a little buzzed by raccoon fink (
blaseball go brrrrrrr by oswin (@_quietbatpeople)
tired by fizzabelle (@izzybutcool)
"harold, make your own damn coffee" by Jennifer Cat (@CattiferJen); fairything (;
we forfeit (theme of farm) by seb (
tractor bean by oswin (@_quietbatpeople)
chill brew crew by MQ (@QueenMucus)
heartshaped hotdog (LowerFi Remix) by June September (
the coffee cuppa by INOM (@LambMower)
early morning SIBR crimes (an xvi-emmy-oatmilk song) by yana (@VillainousGoo)
the "real" game band by June September (
farm de calf by zack.ry (@zackleston,
coffee four? by autumn (
don't talk to me until i've had my coffee by June September (
a fanfare for the royal pos by Oswin (@_quietbatpeople)
pregame ritual: hot tub by Navigator Riley (@StarryNavigator), with voice samples by Navigator and Razura
good to the last drop by raccoon fink (
on the first day (we rejoice) by VALKYRIE (
pvrker's lament by seb (
light & sweet morning coffee by Oswin (@_quietbatpeople)
unlimited breadsticks written by @somewhatrosy, production by apha (

Aw Nuts I - V written by The Blaseball Community, performed by Kimberly Dauber (, produced by June September (


album art by azuretone (
animation by waalkr (@_waalkr)


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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