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breadmaking (here's to you, mikey)

from the garages present: be my vlalentine by the garages



breadmaking (here's to you, mikey) by tamsin bloom (@tamsinthegame) and elliot from chicago (@highway2helliot)


hey. this is kinda out of character from me
i don't talk about myself that much, and you'll probably think it's funny
guess it couldn't make things that much worse to just let my facade crack
so i'll write a song to help me pass the time until the day you come back
it might be too long and i couldn't get the rhymes to work
and if you tell me that you think it's good i'll-

(be normal about it, i'll be- deeply, deeply normal.
yeah, right.)

(let me try again)

i miss you. it's strange to admit
i've never had much i could cling to, my guy, you were all of it
and they say i overreacted
but i've been waiting for you so long that all my yeast putrefacted

i think it was cool what you did
but lame. mostly lame. and also not cool at all
you, like you do, took the world on your shoulders
why not let someone catch you when you take the fall?

i miss you. it's strange to admit
i'd like to be the one to save you but i don't think i'm cut out for it
i miss you. it's cliched, just a bit
but i keep your old ballcap on the counter where we used to sit

and i say a small prayer to whatever god's out there
waiting for me at the end
that someday i'll be selfish in a way that helps me
instead of just hurting my friends

but for now
my dough's gotta rise. not much else to do
but switch a timer on, and wait in the kitchen for you

(guys, you don't really have to back me up or anything, it's--oh. okay. this might as well happen)

(alright i gotta do the outro, everybody clear out)

the alarm woke me up, my dough's risen too
and you left me all alone, waiting in our kitchen for you


from the garages present: be my vlalentine, released February 14, 2021


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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