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Sometimes, I feel like a spectator in my own life
Just waiting for a familiar voice to call strike
I watch myself step up to the plate and swing away

You said through it all that you would always love me
You'd do anything for any version of me
But even then I could feel myself falling away

And you must have been so lonely on those cold nights
Lying next to me awake in that cold light
Wondering about the one you loved before

And I need you to believe I really did try
But every day's a hollow echo of another life
That still has a hold on me even as you hold my hand in yours

And I like to think we're still staring at the same sun
But you and I both know we're thinking of a different one

Some nights I wake and swear I feel the lingering warmth of you
As though you'd only just stepped out into another room
I hear my own voice echo in the hall

Some days the sunlight never quite cuts through the crawling clouds
And I can't help but to feel like I'm haunting my own house
Someone else's memories framed on the wall

But oh, drifting on the wind I hear our favorite song
And I smile though I might be remembering it wrong
How you would always catch me humming under my breath

And I know all too well what it feels like to be pulled apart
Tugged in two directions, trying to follow your heart
Can you still feel me even now, one thousand thirteen miles out to the northwest?

Because I like to think we're still staring at the same sun
Even though I know you're thinking of a different one

It was everyone's eyes on the way it was going
And the look in your eyes like you didn't know me
I was meant to hold your heart
Felt it break in my hands

No lightning strike can put this back just right
I want to hold you close but I.. can't

Some games I'm frozen by the weight of my own doubt
I watch the pitch sail past as I strike out
Was it even worth trying, in the end?

Still when I see my own reflection in the broken glass
of a boarded up cafe just off the beaten path
I think I catch a glimpse of what you saw in them

So if you are listening somewhere distant through the wires and waves
If thoughts could travel on the wind that carried you away
And fill the space we left between our unsaid words

If I could speak through all the desert dust that's on my tongue
If I could reignite the embers glowing in my lungs
Compared to days I couldn't touch, it would never be as much as you deserved

Even though I know we're thinking of a different one,
I still like to think we're staring at the same sun

And even if I cannot be the one you're thinking of
I hope you know that you were always enough


from World Tour: Part 2, released April 9, 2021
voice and harp by amadis, guitar by moodyabyss


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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