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track by oswin (@_quietbatpeople)


Welcome to Internet League Blaseball's Coffee Cup Cafe. We're pleased to offer a variety of different beans to help energize or relax you, as well as a unique selection of pour-overs - and remember, every pour-over includes a free refill.

The beans we have on selection today are:

-a light city roast with hints of lavender
-a cinnamon roast with big-bodied milk chocolate
-an espresso roast with grass-fed butter
-a light roast with delicate balance, flavor, and body
-a full city roast with serious heat
-a single origin roast with body and butterscotch toffee
-a medium-dark roast with strong citrus notes
-a second crack roast with candy-like sweetness
-a half city roast with extra dimension
-and, finally, a high roast with rich, velvety chocolate

Today's pour-over offerings include:

-a dark roast blending charcoal and cherry
-a French roast blending bourbon barbecue and pungent lemon pepper
-a light city roast blending fiery jerk paste and chai
-a continental roast blending marinara and hazelnut
-a double roast blending walnut and dirt
-a single origin roast blending plum tomatoes and flowers
-a medium roast blending aromatics and butterscotch toffee
-a dark roast blending pungent lemon pepper and umami
-an espresso roast blending lavender and grass-fed butter
-a light roast blending blood and blood
-and our final pour-over offering for today, a medium roast blending extra cheese and pumpkin

We here at the Coffee Cup Cafe hope you're enjoying the ILB Coffee Cup, and that you're having a pleasant siesta. Take care, and please don't forget your free refill.



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the garages Seattle, Washington

if you want an album for free, for any reason, email

we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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