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from the garages 101 by the garages



My kicks got knicked in Charleston
Got spat on in Halifax
Lost the jacket that protects me
From rogue umpire attacks

And though I’m deep in debt like Jaylen
I can’t bet a single coin
Cuz on the first day of the season, we rejoice.

My truck broke down in Moab
By the Hellmouth’s gaping Maw
So I hitchhiked down to Hades
To punch god in the jaw

Cuz someday that nut will come down
To shell me and the boys
But until that reckoning, we’ll rejoice

Yeah we rejoice
We rejoice

Cuz to be honest, we don’t really have a choice
Oh tomorrow we can gamble
Till the whole plane is destroyed
But on the first day of the season, we rejoice

Oh so often times are tragic
When it comes to ol’ blaseball
From the Shelled One’s Pod betrayals

To the deaths of Monreal
And Massey and Jenna and Olive and Nora and Murphy and Lars and Sosa and Greatness and
Famous and Meritt and Zi and Jessi and Hurley and Dracaena and Aldon and Cedric and
Rhys and Bennett and Bryanayah and Juan and Barnes and Passon and Miguel and Chorby and
Kath and Kennedy and Meadows and Ogden and Sebastian and Atlas and Tyler and Tiana and
Jorge and Matteo and Sam and Shaquille and Blankenship, Santana and Rangel and Sunshine
and Derrick and Rubberman and Langley and Landry and Steakknife and Stevenson and Ingram and Matheo
and Duende and England and Morrow and Turquoise and Internet and Bookbaby and Lotus and Randall
and Mickey and Wesley and Moody and Elijah and Scorpler and Kiki and Antonio and Dominic
and Murray and Telephone and Yazmin and Frasier and Workman and Wheeler and Hobbs and
José and Tillman and Jaylen and—wait I think that’s all of them. One more verse!

Got blooddrained down in Dallas
Heard the birdstorm’s horrid caw
Got mocked outside of Philly
By a phone singing “Rap God”

Yes tomorrow brings the darkness
And that awful piercing noise (that no one can explain!)
But on the first day of the season we rejoice
Yeah on the first day of the season, we rejoice


from the garages 101, released February 27, 2021
by mother love blone (, vocals by MQ (@QueenMucus), piano by em grace (@UndeniableEmG)

from storm’s coming


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

if you want an album for free, for any reason, email

we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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