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Yellowstone Magic - The Faerie Knight of Yellowstone

from BLATTLE OF THE BLANDS by assorted artists



track by Clementine (@LevonErrol)


Annie Roland was a faerie knight
protector of the wood
to Yellowstone she gave her heart
for the Magic, gave her blood

on that sunny day in Yellowstone
the Garages came to town
with Jaylen Hotdogfingers
cursed pitcher on the mound

Jaylen bore a heavy debt
From the void she'd returned
with incendiary pitches
to mark those the umps would burn

but Annie walked up to the plate
wings fluttering with grace
held up her bat and took her stance
with a brave smile on her face

When the pitch came Annie didn't flinch
though the ball struck hard and true
and Jaylen shrugged as if to say
“there's nothing I could do”

so Annie tossed her bat away
turned her face toward the sky
as the shadow of the moon
over the sun began to climb

and in the dim eclipse light
a rogue umpire drew near
eyes glowing red behind its mask
but Annie showed no fear

She took her silver sword in hand
raised it high and struck her foe
blood stained the ground a ruddy brown
and the umpire's head it rolled

the next day Jaylen pitched again
in that series for the ages
and again the moon turned day to night
and the umpires burned with rage

But Annie shied not from the plate
went to bat with head held high
and the ball again struck hard and true
when Jaylen let it fly

The rogue umpires gathered round
Annie watched the horde advance
and though she drew her silver sword
she knew she was outmatched

but then came Jaylen to her side
and said “I'll fight with you today--
I never chose this cursed life
but this is not your debt to pay.”

Their teammates did look on in fear
as the umpires swarmed around
and in the dim light, blood and dust
did hide the battleground

but Annie felt her strength again
and Jaylen fought as though possessed
with wooden bat and silver sword
the umps they put to rest

and when the moon went on its way
golden sunlight then did fall
on Annie, silver sword in hand
and Jaylen, standing tall


from BLATTLE OF THE BLANDS, released November 13, 2020


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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