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the shelling of oliver loofah by the coward york silk

from storm's here by the garages



boss, hey, it's eric. yeah yeah, that eric. ahhh, fuck. you have gotta see what's happening to the garages right now. one of their players just got shelled—loofah—and york silk was the one that did it

grew up loud by the Puget void
bulge the size of Illinois
arms of steel and eyes aflame
it’s called a splort but to her it’s all a game
1 2 3 Ollies ready to win
yeah with Loofah at bat we’re gonna win again


4’2” with a killer swing
yeah he’s the pint-sized good vibes home run king
roasted by the devil’s shell
12 seasons at bat and a week and a half in hell
steps to the plate, crocs caked in mud
gunblade in hand and out for blood

oh a bad nut’s rising over Baltimore
and the crabs are lookin’ to even up the score
yeah some days it’s anybody’s game
and some days you’re in the outfield, looking to make 'em feel the shame

go on go on go on go on go on go on go on

bottom of the first score 1 & 0
York steps to bat v. Chorby Soul
a pile of bones up on the mound
York stands firm on the shark-soaked ground
infinity reached up inside his head
as the pod scars hardened and the honey bled

Ollie in the outfield holdin’ court
itchin’ to tag that prideful dork
kept her cool like Seattle rain
can’t see the fear can’t feel no pain
eyes to the skies, is that a shell?
no birds in Seattle no light in hell

cuz a bad nut’s falling down on Baltimore
can't hear the screams can’t see the score
some days you’re everybody’s friend
and some days you’re in the dark
watchin’ the old die young again

yeah and some say
if you put your ear against the shell
you can still hear her scream

I can’t go on being the thing you hate
I can’t believe ain't got a future for my faith
I can’t go on being the thing you hate
how long inside the dark, how long must I wait?
I can’t go on being the thing you hate
where’s my tomorrow? is it already too late?
I can’t go on being the thing you hate
I can’t believe this static life is my fate

goddamn god
get me on bat again

Eric: this is fuckin' great! ahahaha, these garages are so shit, i must be gettin' so many fuckin' charity tax breaks from hangin' round here. alright, I'll call u back <3


from storm's here, released April 30, 2021
by mother love blone (, @lastyears_model), drums by MQ, spoken word by Emu Mosh Veteran


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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