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Breckenridge Jazz Hands - Towering Above

from BLATTLE OF THE BLANDS by assorted artists



track by Niko _____ (@Inumo) and rjdim


Lookin' around the league
a sorry state
trapped in capitalism
tied to fate from
a coin
trumped up!
Y'all gonna track the plan
but here
this Tower
our hour
we're bringing change
y'all won't know what hit ya

Kick it off right aimin' at Moist Talkers
Got a Pope now huh?
Gonna worship that orb?
Gonna worship that squid?
Gonna get the Dot all squiddish and watch as
nothing changes

Take a look at the Mints
Breath or Death
S'all the same when you get down
to it
An end that's planned
ain't an end at all
just a transition
Fight the coin's mission
but you'll find out quick
when your only cry is
Y'ain't gonna make a

Grill dads got the dad card
all right
but y'all really wanna be part of this system?
Steaks gonna claim the authority
but fun fact
No Gods
No Masters
No Emperor
just bats to crowns
Better hope your head's not there when I swing for the fences
Got a homer in my eyes and a rebel in my grip

Flowers gonna grow?
Where's your bloom then y'all?
Your Empress Mother Nature
turned its back on you
Veins fulla grass but wouldn't know it from your play
Maybe one day you'll get past 103

Speakin' of playoffs
anyone seen the Pies?
First to win two rings
a disgrace ever since
Haven't seen you in the finals 9 Seasons straight
Y'all went Hermit
after losin' JT

Tigers ain't much better
comin' close a couple times
but the Devil's in the details
keepin' y'all bound
Laughin' at my older self
fearin' your power
Why tame the Tigers
when y'all tamed yourselves?

An old-school Hand
in the light of the Moon
With you Spies
always tryin' to bewilder your betters
but y'all
ain't flippin' your odds anymore
The only one bewildered now is gonna be you

Better get a new look Beams
take that Hanged Man
How's the view
hangin' from the top of the League
but y'all you know
we're comin' for you
Take a pic
it'll last longer
than your brain cell

Magic got Magician
and I guess some magic musta been
It's a miracle you made it that far
Don't call luck a conscious choice
that won't fly when you're crossin' me
Desperate for the power you know you lack
but you're trustin' in blood and gods
not yourselves
Hope you enjoyed that playoffs trip 'cuz
I'm bettin' y'ain't gonna make it back

Chariot is ridin' through Los Angeli
but if it's only seein' Tacos, well
must feel outta place
I dunno if you should call Snackrifice “success”
but if you're huntin' victory
I'm the game that fights back

Garages got Justice but you can't decide
where to keep Townsend
much less
you yell while you flee
leaving gods to the Thieves
Guess it's true what they say
y'don't do

Not to say that the Thieves did better
Wheel of Fortune says
Can't steal the kicks from Pods or gods
How you enjoying Tillman huh?

Mills gotta dip from the heat of Wild league
but they're keepin' up the rep to ruin everything
stealin' the Lovers right from San Fran's grip
drama trapped in an overpriced flat

Meanwhile Judgment for Crowvertime
Why else would y'all miss your icon card?
Lovers I'm sure Stephens just wants to chill
but we only lost to winners
I've got nothin' but spite (and maybe)

Dale pickin' up our would-be Star
but you know hope only comes from within
They say you're Party Livin'
but your record don't match
I'm not holdin' my breath for your Postseason run

Wings desperate for a bit of that Sun
suing Parker
swappin' leagues
Best luck in Wexico
You got your one ring
now good luck gettin' back
You're against the Hands now
we'll leave that confidence shaken

Never seen a Firefighter chill in their life
Breckenridge, y'all!
Don't need to do a thing now
y'all burned bright Season 5
but I see you gutterin'
burned out

Welcome to Party Time, Lift!
Think you've got Strength?
Need a spotter for that bar
shaky arms on rep three
I see you strugglin'
Watch out!
My flick might be deadly
lay you flat on your back

Crabs don't act like you escaped
Knocked flat by Quitter
now we see you up there
Couldn't cut it in the Big Leagues
got your cup of coffee
comin' back down
to an LLC
Damn capitalist

Yeah y'all
can't swing
like the
Jazz Hands
pitch is all outta tune
Might not be the best but we got that Groove
Eight OGs after Open Mic Night
Y'all tried to pick us clean
but you still can't keep us
out of the running
can't kick us down

Catch these hands

Oh, yo, Fridays?
We chill
Those High Priestess vibes suit y'all and your Lady


from BLATTLE OF THE BLANDS, released November 13, 2020


all rights reserved



the garages Seattle, Washington

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we are the garages, an anarcho-syndicalist blaseball band from the fictional location of seattle. we make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods. ... more

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